Easter Bunny Bread Appetizer

Every Easter since I was little my mom would guide us in making this bunny bread for our meal. As we got older, she has switched to involving many of the kids who are a part of our lives making it such a fun tradition for our family. This is a great recipe for kids who are just learning fractions, plus they love making a bunny that they get to eat!

It also has a special place in my heart as this bread started a tradition for our family that we do in honor of my father. My dad was an OBGYN in Olympia, WA and often had to work on holidays as babies don’t wait to be born! Each year we would make an additional bunny and we would take into labor and delivery at hospital for those who had to work over Easter. This is a tradition that we have continued after my father passed away and one we plan to take back up once COVID is over.

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Easter Bunny Bread Appetizer

Recipe by MeganCourse: AppetizersDifficulty: Easy

SOURCE: Taste of Home, Easter Bunny Bread


  • Bunny Bread
  • 2 loaves (1 pound each) frozen bread dough, thawed

  • 2 raisins

  • 2 sliced almonds

  • 1 large egg, lightly beaten

  • Serving
  • Cut veggies of your choice

  • Dip of your choice


  • NIGHT BEFORE: Thaw two loaves of frozen bread dough in your fridge overnight on an oiled tray.
  • TWO HOURS BEFORE: Remove dough and allow it to come to room temperature.
  • Take one of the loafs and cut off 1/4 piece of dough. Shape it into the shape of a pear for the head of the bunny and put it in the middle part of the tray with the smaller end pointing up. Take the remaining part of the loaf and shape it into an oval to make the body and place below the head. Making sure that they touch.
  • Take your second loaf of dough and cut it into four equal pieces. You will use two of the pieces to create the ears. To make an ear take one of the pieces and roll it out into a 16 inch rope. Fold the rope in half and attached the flat end to one side of the top if the pear shaped head. Repeat with the second piece to make the other ear.
  • Take the next section and cut in half and shape into two ovals, these will be back paws. Next take your scissors and cut two one inch slits on one side to create the bunnies toes. Put one on each side of the body at the bottom.
  • Take the last section and cut it into three pieces. Take two of them and create ovals, these will be front paws. Next take your scissors and cut two one half inch slits to create the bunnies toes. Put one on each side of the body at the top.
  • Take the third piece and create two one-inch balls for the bunnies cheeks and a third 1/2 inch ball for the nose which you can place above the cheeks. Add two raisins for eyes and then two almonds sticking out of the bottom of the cheeks for teeth.
  • Take the beaten egg and brush the dough. Place the tray in a warm place in the kitchen and allow it to rise for about 30 to 40 minutes. You are looking for the dough to double in size. Pre-heat you oven to 350 degrees.
  • Bake in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes until the bunny becomes a nice golden brown color. Set aside and cool.
  • When it is cool take the bowl you are planning to use for you dip and with a serrated knife cut an out line of it in the center of the bunnies tummy. Hallow out the hole and place in your bowl. Add veggies around the tray and add your favorite dip into the bowl.

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  5. This is so cute. I love that it includes healthy choices too!

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